Semalt Expert Explains How To Download Content From A Website

There are various reasons to work offline with blogs and websites. Students, researchers, journalists, businessmen, digital marketers and programmers spend hours on the web and download partial or entire website because they contain useful information. They then use this information for personal blogs or research projects. There are different ways to download content from a website, but the most famous methods are discussed below.

1. SurfOffline:

SurfOffline is a new tool for programmers, developers, webmasters, content curators, students and digital marketers. If you need to download the content from different sites on a regular basis, you may opt for its premium version. Alternatively, its free 30-day trial period is enough to test the specifications and features of SurfOffline. It is a fast, accurate, and convenient software that allows us to download the entire or partial web pages to our local hard drives. Once your site has been downloaded, you can use SurfOffline as an offline browser and view the downloaded pages in it.

2. Website eXtractor:

If you are not comfortable with SurfOffline, you may opt for Website eXtractor. It is one of the best tools on the internet and is suitable for anyone who doesn't want to spend hours online. You can download partial or entire websites with just a few clicks. This tool is best known for its user-friendly control panel and lets you view the content while offline. It also offers the option to create sitemaps and helps you get rid of duplicate web content. Website eXtractor is compatible with all web browsers, Windows 7 and the earlier Windows versions. Its trial version is available on the internet and can be downloaded and activated instantly.

3. SiteSucker:

Sitesucker is yet another software that can automatically download web content to your hard drive without compromising on quality. This Mac program copies different web pages, pictures, PDF files, style sheets and other elements and comfortably saves them to your hard disk with just a few clicks. You just have to enter the URL and allow SiteSucker download the entire or partial web content. It requires Mac OS X 10.11 or higher and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. This tool is compatible with all Mac operating systems.

4. Grab-a-Site:

Grab-a-Site is a powerful web browser that is licensed by Blue Squirrel. It copies web content and supports different programming languages. You can use Grab-a-Site to download graphic files, animated files, videos and audio files to your hard drive. You can also schedule the download during the off-peak hours, and this service will grab the files from different sites at the same time. Grab-a-Site can be used to target websites written in PHP, JR, Cold Fusion and ASP and transforms them into static HTML.

5. WebWhacker:

Blue Squirrel another impressive tool is WebWhacker. The fifth version of this program was recently launched, and now it is being used to copy or download the entire website for offline view. Just like Grab-a-Site, WebWhacker monitors the web pages and updates your content on a daily basis, providing you best possible results. You can customize this tool to download the exact number of web pages in an hour.